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This is a hexcrawl detailing a 51x32 hex area, roughly analogous to Northern Europe during what used to be referred to as the 'Dark Ages'.  It details the islands of Ruislip, Albann and Noos, the island chain known as The Mid-Isles, the peninsula of Faroe and much of the mainland, Pyorra around 540 keyed hexes. Additionally, there are 10 Wandering Islands to discover. 

Please download the demo file below which details all of Ruislip for an idea of what you're getting. There is no art and layout is extremely simple. 

The delightful dungeon maps are provided by Roz Leahy.

The content assumes the use of Wolves Upon the Coast (free and included)Volume 2: Monsters & (available as a bundle) and &&&&& Treasure (a plain-text edition of which is included).



You can find details around making stuff for or with Wolves here.

You can find a Skirmish Wargame supplement here, using Flagrant Factions - thanks Mikey Lombardi!

You can find a different Skirmish supplement here, more in line with Chainmail - thanks Taliesin!

You can find a Rules Summary here - thanks Riles!

You can find a name generator for Norse Characters here - thanks Jacqui Valadez!

You can find a weather and encounter roller here - thanks Canyon Frost (aka Der PigDog)!

You can find a fantastic character sheet and a blank map here - thanks Galen Pejeau!

You can find a real-deal fanzine here - thanks Adam and Canyon! 

You can find player-facing and referee-facing content warnings here - thanks ICBMoose!

You can find play reports, musings and additional content here - thanks Adam!



'A masterpiece.' - Sam Sorenson

'Wolves Upon the Coast is a masterpiece. It is one of the best things to come from the OSR. I prefer it to Wilderlands. Highly recommended. 5/5.' - Canyon Frost (aka Der PigDog)


Play Reports 

https://mangustaexpress.com/wolves-upon-the-coast-log - thanks Alex!

https://osserota.bearblog.dev/blog/ - thanks Osse Rota! 

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Get this hexcrawl and 2 more for $62.00 USD
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